Moxy Chattanooga Downtown — Photo by Marriott

From the lobby's concrete floors and industrial ceilings to a video wall that holds guest Instagram posts from across the country, Chattanooga's new Moxy isn't your typical hotel.

A Marriott brand and only the ninth Moxy to open nationwide so far, will likely attract a 50/50 split of leisure and business travelers.

The Moxy wants guest to leave their rooms and congregate in the lobby, which features a pool table, media room with 65-inch TV and lockers just off the elevators where people can temporarily store luggage or other items.

The lockers have a theme recognizing former Chattanooga resident Samuel L. Jackson, with each named after a movie starring the actor.

Just off the lobby is 7,000 square feet of outdoor patio space. In keeping with the Moxy's quest to be different, a yellow rail container serves as an outside bar.

Following the railroad concept, a large ticker board is off the lobby's main entrance. Redner said it recalls the days when such boards displayed train arrivals and departures at the nearby Chattanooga Choo Choo when it was a busy rail hub. The Moxy can program the board with an app, offering greetings to groups and other information on a rotating basis.

There are no closets in the rooms, but rather pegs on which guests can hang their bags and clothes. Under-the-bed drawers offer guests extra storage space. Rooms feature sliding barn doors to bathrooms.

Also, each room has a phone with which guests having a hard time falling asleep can call a number and hear four different bedtime stories, officials said.

In addition, the Moxy is embracing the idea of environmental sustainability in Chattanooga, they said. A building torn down on the site had its bricks reused to help construct the hotel, and there is a solar array located on the roof. Other steps were taken to reduce the hotel's carbon footprint, officials said.

The hotel is adjacent to King Street Station, another old, red-brick structure that was preserved and refurbished into mixed-use space, including WanderLinger Brewing Co., Goodfellas Pizzeria and offices.

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