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Now Open 8 October 2020

The Student Hotel Delft

The Student Hotel Delft Opens

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The new local hub where students, people from Delft, travelers, creatives and professionals can learn, work, live, eat and drink under one roof.

Delft has gained a unique hot spot since 1 October. The fifteenth hotel of the leading hybrid hospitality group could not have wished for a better location; located in Nieuw-Delft, the green heart of the city that is in full development, and next to the NS Station. Circularity and connection are central to TSH Delft. TSH wants to give innovators and creatives a place to create, provide a home for students and be a hub where everyone can come together. The idea for The Student Hotel started in 2006 with a simple observation: students deserve better. That vision has now become a reality and since then TSH has been able to receive a diversity of guests who have always felt at home. You can stay in the hotel for a day or a whole year, you can work and have a meeting or come and have a drink and snack. From hotel and student rooms, to co-working spaces, a gym and interactive event programming, TSH puts inspiring people at the center of its designs. The goal: to build a worldwide community where people learn from each other, gain new experiences and work together towards a more sustainable society.

Lab for circularity and sustainability

It is precisely this sustainability that makes TSH Delft the difference. TSH is taking the first steps towards circularity with their fifteenth location. TSH designed the newest location in Delft in close collaboration with the Amsterdam Design Studio The Invisible Party. All public areas, workplaces, TSH Collab and the in-house restaurant "The Commons" are designed from circular design principles. And those who want to innovate never stand still, including the design of TSH Delft.

Circular design TSH Delft and TSH Collab

The TSH Delft experience starts upon entering the large open lobby, this is the heart of the hotel, the place where you can meet people, relax and where events can also be organized in post-COVID times. What immediately stands out are the colorful plastic panels, made from, among other things, used refrigerators and disposable cutlery. Nice-to-know: the plastic can be completely recycled. The furniture has been developed in a circular manner, all screws and bolts can be easily removed and ready for recycling. In addition, there are chairs made of old jeans and you can come across vintage furniture and items that first served at another TSH location. In the TSH Collab you will find co-working spaces for those looking for an inspiring workplace and meeting rooms with an auditorium. As a Collab member you are immediately part of a growing international network of co-working colleagues. An interesting detail is that the felt used to cover the walls in TSH Collab is made from recycled Efteling costumes. The black and white speckled plastic table tops are made from recycled keyboards, mice and remote controls mixed with refrigerator parts.

Urban Restaurant

The Commons The Commons is designed as a contemporary Grand Café and is Delft's new social hangout par excellence. A place full of comfort food, where freelancers close their laptops, students meet while enjoying a beer and hotel guests can end the day relaxed with a homemade pasta and a nice glass of wine in front of them. The restaurant is therefore not only for students or hotel guests, but also for the neighborhood - this is where the real connections arise.


TSH Delft is the result of a close collaboration with various partners:

  • The Invisible Party: interior design together with TSH Design Studio.
  • KCAP: architecture and advice
  • BAM: contractor, structuring and planning.
  • Bectro: light and MEP
  • The Fiction Factory: furniture and advice in the field of sustainable materials
  • The Good Plastics Company: recycled plastic elements.
  • And of course the Municipality of Delft.
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The Student Hotel Group

The Student Hotel concept started with one simple observation: that students deserve better. Today, that vision has become reality and grown to encompass all guests with a ‘student spirit’. From design-savvy travelers to next-gen entrepreneurs, TSH now welcomes thousands of people annually to its ever-expanding portfolio of urban campus-style hotels across Europe.
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