Industry Update
Appointment15 December 2014

Dr. Josef Schilling

Appointed Sales Director
At Ariane Inhotels GmbH in Steinheim , Germany

Dr. Josef SchillingRalf Bohlmann, the Managing Director for Ariane Inhotels, has decided to leave Ariane in March 2015. Ralf started Inhotels 20 years ago and has been essential in developing the business of Ariane Systems in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Poland. Ariane Inhotels is currently one of the most profitable business units at Ariane Systems. Ralf has decided to dedicate his new active life to his passion, sport and health. He will remain a shareholder at Ariane, but will transfer the operational responsibility to Dr. Josef Schilling. Dr. Josef Schilling joined Ariane on December 1st 2014 and we are very proud to welcome him to our Management Team. Josef has an extensive background in business management. He has worked in multiple roles at the Daimler Group for nearly 8 years, before moving on to new challenges as Managing Director and Commercial Manager for start-up companies. More than a decade of frequent business travels has provided Josef with a lot of first-hand experience of the hospitality industry by spending hundreds of nights at hotels. Josef joins our team with many great ideas on how to help develop business travel, hotels and our industry in general. Starting from March 2015 Dr. Josef Schilling will follow Ralf Bohlmann as Managing Director of Ariane Inhotels.

Ariane Systems

Ariane Systems is the world’s leading provider of self check-in / check-out technology solutions for the hospitality industry. Founded in 2001 by Michel Lavandier and Laurent Cardot, Ariane now has more than 3,000 installations running at hotel properties in over 25 countries.
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Recent Appointments at Ariane Systems

Michael Zetterlund - Product & Marketing Director

13 June 2014 — Laurent Cardot and Michel Lavandier, the founders of Ariane Systems, are proud to announce that Michael Zetterlund has joined the team at Ariane. Michael joined Ariane Systems, the world leader in check-in/out solutions, as Product & Marketing Director June 2nd 2014.
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