Klaus J. Pilz With effect from 1 April 2015, Klaus J. Pilz has been appointed new Regional Director for Czech hotels of Vienna International Hotels & Resorts. He will also hold the position of General Manager of two 4-star hotels in Prague, andel’s and angelo, which have a total capacity of over 750 beds. He replaces Francois Mary, who was in the position of Regional Director from 2012. For the past 9 years, Klaus J. Pilz, a native of Austria, has worked as General Manager of Health Spa Piešťany, where he was in charge of 11 spa hotels in Piešťany and Smrdáky. Previously, he held the position of Regional Director for the Czech branch of Austria Hotels International and also worked in the Viennese hotel Penta. He started his career in Parhotel Schönbrunn, where he began working immediately after his studies at Wirtschaftsuniversität in Vienna. In the Czech Republic, he was Hotelier of the Year in 2004, and in 2013 he was awarded a medal for his contribution to the development of tourism in the Trnava region. Earlier this year, he served shortly as General Manager of the hotel Thermal in Karlovy Vary. The newly appointed Regional Director has expressed his delight with his new post: “I am really pleased that after nine years of working abroad, I can come back to Prague. I’ll do my best to utilize my great experience in my new role as best as I can, and in doing so, support the achievement of the goals that we have set for ourselves as a company.” And he added with a smile: “The world consists of little things and those are what we need to focus on. “