Industry Update
Appointment14 April 2016

Georgianne Fsadni

Promoted Managing Director for Asia Pacific
At AETHOS Consulting Group in Melbourne, Australia

Georgianne Fsadni Based in Melbourne, Australia, Georgi joined the AETHOS team in 2015 with three decades of experience under her belt in hotel operations with Accor, consulting with E&Y, and asset management with Dubai Holding. As an alumna of both Cornell University's School of Hotel Administration and Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management, Georgi is a well-connected hotelier who is devoted to the industry, and has quickly become a trusted advisor to clients in the areas of talent management, asset management, and business strategy.

School of Hotel Administration at the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business

Georgianne Fsadni (Class of 1986) is a graduate of School of Hotel Administration at the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business in Ithaca, New York - United States
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AETHOS Consulting Group

Hospitality consulting firm specializing in executive search, compensation consulting, business transformation and psychometric testing & surveys. We are a group of hospitality experts that value and embody • Global citizenship in our perspective and recommendations • Honesty and transparency in our communications • Open- mindedness and flexibility in our thoughts and conclusions • Resiliency in difficult times and situations • Humility and servant leadership in our dealings with others • Collaboration and the collective wisdom of groups • Innovation in helping our clients become market leaders • Hospitality in our lives and actions • Sustainability in our personal and professional endeavors • Optimizing every interaction with each other, our clients and communities.
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Recent Appointments at AETHOS Consulting Group

Brian McCarthy - Managing Director

21 February 2018 — AETHOS Consulting Group CEO Keith Kefgen announced the addition of seasoned search consultant and talent advisor, Brian McCarthy as Managing Director. Based in Chicago, McCarthy has more than a decade of experience serving as a strategic partner to public, private, and venture-backed organizations, including global leaders in lodging, dining, gaming, cruise, and travel operations.
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Derek Walker - Associate

11 August 2015 — Derek Walker, a recent graduate of Cornell University's School of Hotel Administration, Derek has spent several consecutive summers in both the restaurant and hotel arenas. He worked in the construction and facilities team at Shake Shack, as well as in the sales and marketing department at the Four Seasons hotel in New York and the worldwide sales office for Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts conducting business development with luxury brand clients.
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Paige Brewer - Compensation Consulting Advisor

11 August 2015 — Paige Brewer has an extensive background in the fields of hospitality, consumer goods, media, financial services and non-profit organizations. With AETHOS, Paige leads teams around the world to deliver detailed and insightful compensation management solutions to clients.
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