Industry Update
Appointment 2 May 2017

Assita Kone

Appointed Group Director of Sales & Marketing - West Africa
At Mangalis Hotel Group in Barcelona, Spain

Assita KoneMangalis Hotel Group announced the appointment of Assita Kone as the Group Director of Sales and Marketing. Ms. Kone will be leading the Group’s ambitious sales and marketing team across West Africa, with its exciting and diverse portfolio of brands, Noom Hotels (upper upper scale), Seen Hotels (upper mid-scale) and Yaas Hotels (lifestyle). Ms. Kone brings over 15 years of extensive experience in marketing and sales, e-commerce, and business development, as well as has robust knowledge in Global Distribution Systems, hospitality technology, e-distribution & commerce, with a profound insight on the EMEA markets and trends, particularly Africa and the Middle East. Prior to joining Mangalis Hotel Group, Mr. Kone served as the Regional Hospitality Business Development Manager at Travelport for the Middle East and Africa, in addition to Turkey, Pakistan and India. Before that, Ms. Kone led the e-distribution of the Yas Hotel in Abu Dhabi. Ms. Kone has always been involved in e-commerce, revenue and distribution management, with a main focus on Middle East and Africa regions, both while working at Pegasus Solutions incorporating Utell Hotels & Resorts, and ACCOR Group. A French National, graduate of Tourism and Management studies in Ecole des Techniciens Superieurs du Tourisme in Paris, as well as London South Bank University, where she specialized in Business and Management.

Mangalis Hotel Group

Mangalis Hotel Group was established in 2011 with the objective of developing and managing new and exciting African hospitality brands and service standards: Noom (Upscale), Seen (Midscale) and Yaas Hotels (Economy).
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