Industry Update
Appointment31 May 2018

Kishore Bhattacharjee

Appointed Vice President of Engineering
At NAVIS in Bend - OR, USA

Kishore Bhattacharjee In partnership with the executive team, Kishore’s mission is to lead the software engineering team and activities including innovation strategies, planning and execution, as well as implementing technology imperatives that positively impact NAVIS clients. This appointment comes at a real time of strength for the company with it’s continued emergence and growth into new and existing markets, while building on 30 years of experience.
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NAVIS Welcomes New VP of Engineering to Leadership Team

31 May 2018 — NAVIS, the leader in reservation sales and marketing technology for hotels, resorts and vacation rentals, announced a new member to its executive team. Starting this month, Kishore Bhattacharjee is joining NAVIS as its new Vice President of Engineering.
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NAVIS is a reservation sales and marketing systems company. NAVIS' voice, sales, CRM, database, and email marketing solutions increase bottom-line leisure revenue for resort, hotel, and vacation rental companies.
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27 March 2018 — Felix Laboy has three decades of experience across a wide-ranging portfolio of leadership positions in the hotel, travel and technology industry. Most recently, he was CEO of WayBlazer, the world’s first artificial intelligence company for travel.
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2 November 2017 — Ryan has spent more than two decades specializing in reservation sales, revenue management, and marketing. He self-admittedly eats and sleeps driving direct revenue for hotels and resorts. Throughout his career, Ryan has held executive management roles at iconic independent hospitality brands in North America including Ocean Resort and Spa, The Breakers Palm Beach, and Mohegan Sun Casino.
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