Industry Update
Appointment19 July 2018

Cathy Ross

Named Member of the board of directors
At WhyHotel in Washington - DC, USA

Cathy Ross

In order to continue driving its mission of operating 100+ room pop-up hotels in new, multifamily apartments during lease-up, WhyHotel expanded its board of directors with the addition of Cathy Ross, the current CEO of Exclusive Resorts, who will bring her years of experience in the hospitality space to WhyHotel's board.

As the CEO of the world's leading luxury vacation and travel club, Cathy is a passionate, hands-on leader with a diversified background that includes 35 years of experience in a variety of consumer-facing companies, particularly in the hospitality space. According to Ross, "I am excited to bring my background in real estate development, asset management, finance, manufacturing and hospitality, to the WhyHotel brand. They have a fascinating concept that is a win-win for both the real estate developer and end user."


Simple. Innovative. Hospitality. WhyHotel operates 100 to 250 room pop-up hotels with 24/7 on-site staff in newly built, luxury apartment buildings. WhyHotel's concept provides developers with a new way to utilize units during lease-up and provides visitors/guests with a new way to travel.
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