Zuzana Ševčovičová

Vienna House, the largest Austrian hotel chain, which operates five hotels in the Czech Republic, has appointed Zuzana Ševčovičová Director of Sales for the Czech Republic. In her new role, Zuzana will be in charge of the business strategy of the chain's local hotels on the key markets and will manage and coach the sales team.

Zuzana Ševčovičová has worked more than twenty years in the hospitality business. Over the course of her career, she has held several positions in various hotel departments, ultimately settling in sales. Before joining Vienna House, she worked for Coast Hotels in Canada, the InterContinental in Prague, and Vienna House in the Czech Republic. Last year, she decided to take a break from her career and took her entire family to travel the length and breadth of Canada. Enriched by the novel experiences she had there, she is returning to Prague to rejoin the team as Director of Sales.