Industry Update
Appointment31 May 2019

Lisa Edelmann

Appointed General Manager
At IntercityHotel Hanover, Germany

Lisa Edelmann

Lisa Edelmann has been the new Director of the IntercityHotel Hanover since the beginning of March 2019 and is a product of Deutsche Hospitality's own talent pool. Ms. Edelmann started out at the IntercityHotel Dresden, where she was able to gather professional experience in the areas of reception and reservations. At the same time, she completed a degree in Business Administration with a specialism in Hotel Management. Three years later, she helped prepare for the opening of the IntercityHotel Leipzig, where she remained as Deputy Director until her latest move.

Hotel-Akademie Dresden (SRH)

Lisa Edelmann (Class of 2011) is a graduate of Hotel-Akademie Dresden (SRH) in Dresden - Germany
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Deutsche Hospitality

Deutsche Hospitality is the new umbrella brand for the companies of Steigenberger Hotels AG. The three hotel brands which come under the umbrella are Steigenberger Hotels and Resorts, Jaz in the City und IntercityHotel.
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Recent Appointments at Deutsche Hospitality

David Dreschner - General Manager

31 May 2019 — David Dreschner is now at the helm of the IntercityHotel Braunschweig and has also been in post since the start of March. Mr. Dreschner was previously Director of the IntercityHotel Ingolstadt, where he achieved a highly successful initial market positioning.
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Daniel Kosin - General Manager

31 May 2019 — The vacant director position at the IntercityHotel Augsburg will be filled by Daniel Kosin, who has also been appointed as of 1 June 2019. Mr. Kosin can look back on seven years of management experience in the hotel sector.
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Monika Schnepf - General Manager

31 May 2019 — Monika Schnepf will take over as General Manager of the IntercityHotel Ingolstadt with effect from 1 June 2019. Having originally trained as a hotel specialist, Ms. Schnepf began her career at Deutsche Hospitality in 1993 as Head of Reception at the IntercityHotel Nuremberg.
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