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Appointment16 July 2019

Kathrine Munch-Tranholm

Appointed Hotel Manager
At Zleep Hotel Copenhagen City, Denmark

Kathrine Munch-Tranholm

Employees are promoted, careers are gaining momentum, hotels are flourishing, potentials are being recovered, investments are made and environmentally friendly solutions are continuously being devised. The success stories keep increasing for the Danish hotel chain Zleep Hotels - and here is one more.

A meteoric career based upon trust and support

Kathrine Munch-Tranholm started her career at Zleep Hotels just four years ago as an intern at Zleep Hotel Copenhagen City, and in June this year she took over the position as Hotel Manager at the same hotel. According to Kathrine, her meteoric career is based upon a large amount of trust and support given to her by the Zleep management:

"It is absolutely incredible and thought-provoking what a good organization can do for the employees who show passion and commitment. The support and trust I have received from Zleep has been above all expectations. Good development opportunities and trust are the most important things you can give your employees. The stronger we, as managers, make our employees, the stronger we become ourselves, and after all, we are nothing without great employees," says Kathrine Munch-Tranholm about gaining responsibility and becoming Hotel Manager.

Giving and receiving presence

After the internship, a year as Front Office Manager at the hotel chain's airport hotel, Zleep Hotel Copenhagen Airport, and two maternity leaves later, Kathrine Munch-Tranholm has now returned to the hotel where it all began:

"At the city hotel you hear stories from all over the world, and that gives me such a huge rush. Here I get the chance to embrace all types of people, and I sense that all the commitment the staff radiates is of great importance to the guests. I love being present when working and even though it might sound like a cliché, I truly believe that I get as much presence back as I give," says Kathrine Munch-Tranholm.

Kathrine Munch-Tranholm takes over the position as Hotel Manager at Zleep Hotel Copenhagen City after Manuela Lorga, who is now General Manager at Hotel Marina in Vedbæk.

Zleep Hotels

Zleep Hotels is a Danish chain of hotels with big ambitions. We are here for the many, because we want to ensure that as many as possible can afford traveling as well as having a real hotel experience.
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