Industry Update
Appointment 8 October 2019

John Crutchfield

Appointed Chief Operating Officer
At ProfitSword in Orlando - FL, USA

John Crutchfield

Originally joining ProfitSword in 2018 as an Agile Operations Leader, John Crutchfield has since been credited with enhancing the performance of the company's suite of solutions. Prior to joining ProfitSword, Crutchfield held numerous notable roles that include serving as Director of Sales Operations and Marketing for Marriott Vacations Worldwide. A Magna Cum Laude graduate of the University of South Florida with a Bachelor of Arts degree in management information systems, Crutchfield also holds an MBA from the University of Phoenix and holds numerous certifications such as Lean Six Sigma, PSM I and PSPO I. As COO, Crutchfield will oversee the organization and strategy of multiple ProfitSword departments including quality assurance, project management, software support, architecture and development as well as client success.


Founded in 2001, ProfitSword is an innovator in business intelligence software and applications. ProfitSword solutions provide seamless integration of data and real-time information to enhance decision-making process and improve profitability.
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Sean Hoggard - Director of Technology

8 October 2019 — Sean Hoggard takes on the role of Director of Technology after having initially joined ProfitSword in 2008. Previously recognized for his ability to enhance team collaboration and ensure full customer satisfaction, Hoggard's new position will task him with providing oversight for development and technical support teams, and will report to Crutchfield in this capacity.
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