Industry Update
Appointment 3 February 2020

Monique Jaspers-Wijn

Named Chair of the Customer & Distribution Advisory Board
At HSMAI Region Europe in London, United Kingdom

Monique Jaspers-Wijn

HSMAI Region Europe is proud to announce the new chair of the Customer & Distribution Advisory Board. Monique Jaspers-Wijn, Global Head of Digital Media at Travelport takes on the role with immediate effect, replacing outgoing chair Nina NieminenThe aim of the advisory board is to change the way of thinking, and approach to distribution. As chair, Monique will be the driving force, aiming to initiate a paradigm shift throughout the industry. While there has been a multitude of changes in this field over the years, the future is sure to present many more changes, even a revolution. It's critical to be prepared for these changes, and that is why the appointment of Monique is pivotal to the future of this HSMAI advisory board.

HSMAI would like to express thanks to Nina Nieminen, Director of Revenue Management and Distribution for SOK Travel and Hospitality Industry Chain Management (Sokos Hotels), as the former chair of this advisory board. As the previous chair of this Advisory Board Nina has been very active with HSMAI as a speaker at our events and has always been sharing her competence with HSMAIs members

Stenden University of Applied Sciences

Monique Jaspers-Wijn (Class of 1995) is a graduate of Stenden University of Applied Sciences in Leeuwarden - Netherlands, The
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HSMAI Region Europe

HSMAI Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International is a global organisation founded in America in 1927. HSMAI Europe is the European arm of the membership association. HSMAI Region Europe is committed to growing business for the hotel, event and travel industry and their partners, and is the industry’s leading advocate for intelligent, sustainable revenue growth on a local, national and European level.
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