Industry Update
Appointment 6 October 2020

Monica Selvik

Appointed General Manager
At Moxy Bergen, Norway

Monica Selvik

The hotel operator Core Hospitality has appointed Monica Selvik as General Manager of upcoming hotel Moxy Bergen. The international brand opens in the Norwegian city in six months. Monica Selvik takes on the role as "Captain" (General Manager in Moxy speak) at Moxy Bergen, a 199-room hotel that opens in March 2021 on the Norwegian west coast. Monica has more than 30 years' experience from the hotel industry in a plurality of positions from receptionist and revenue manager to hotel manager and sales director. Her experience is mainly from Bergen where she has worked for Nordic Choice Hotels, First Hotels, Thon Hotels and Magic Hotels.

"Monica has a strong background with both operational and commercial experience. Having her lead the hotel, we will hit the ground running. The hotel's international profile offers many benefits to travelers, but it is through Monica's leadership and her future team's performance that we make sure everyone has a great experience. We are very happy that we now have a colleague locally in Bergen so that we can really begin planning the opening of Moxy Bergen," says Per Denker Sørensen, CEO of Core Hospitality.

Core Hospitality

Core Hospitality does one thing and one thing only: operate hotels. As a white label hotel operator, it is independent of brands and flexible to manage hotels within any operating model. Core Hospitality cooperates with various hotel brands, ensuring that it can operate anything from hostels to full-service hotels.
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