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Ian Yeoman

Associate Professor at Victoria University School of Management

Ian Yeoman is the world's only professional crystal ball gazer or futurologist specializing in travel and tourism. Ian learned his trade as the scenario planner for VisitScotland, where he established the process of futures thinking within the organisation using a variety of techniques including economic modelling, trends analysis and scenario construction. In May 2008, Ian was appointed an Assoc. Professor of Tourism Management at Victoria University, He is a popular speaker at conferences and was described by the UK Sunday Times as the country's leading contemporary futurologist.

Articles by Ian Yeoman (18)

The guest of the future

Tomorrow's hotel guest will be demanding, still aspirational, technologically aware and financially savvy, writes Dr. Ian Yeoman, a well-known tourism futurist at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand. How will these traits shape the way the hospitality industry serves ...

Coconuts Or Sharks: What Is The Most Dangerous

As Frank Furedi writing in his book 'The Culture of Fear' notes, "hazards are not merely such obvious threats as poison, bacteria, toxic waste or hurricanes. At various times, peanuts, tampons, automobiles and contraceptive pills have been represented as hazards." Consumers ...

The Sports Tourist - The Rise of Individualism

activities which are meant to de-stress.In a 'have it all' society, consumers seek self improvement through sampling a wider range of experiences, whether it is dance or bugging (white water rafting without the raft).Consumers are, more than ever, concerned about their appearance. ...