Cathy A. Enz

Lewis G. Schaeneman, Jr. Professor of Innovation & Dynamic Management Strategy at Cornell University

Cathy A. Enz

Cathy A. Enz is the Lewis G. Schaeneman Jr. Professor of Innovation and Dynamic Management and emeritus professor of strategy. She served as the associate dean for academic affairs in the School of Hotel Administration. Her prior administrative roles included serving as associate dean for industry research and affairs, executive director of the Center For Hospitality Research, and school management area coordinator. Cathy has published over one hundred journal articles and book chapters, as well as five books in the area of strategic management and innovation. Her research has been published in a wide variety of prestigious academic and hospitality journals, such as Administrative Science Quarterly, The Academy of Management Journal, and The Cornell Hospitality Quarterly.

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Duty of Care Benchmarking Tool

For any organization, "Duty of Care" is the obligation to avoid or diminish any reasonably foreseen harm to customers and employees resulting from exposure to the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. This obligation includes reducing or eliminating the spread of the disease.

Why hotels must make room for innovation—and little bunnies: A talk with Cathy Enz |

As a Professor of Innovation & Dynamic Management at the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration, can you tell us why innovation management is so key for the hospitality industry? Innovation is about growth.

Competitive Hotel Pricing in Europe: An Exploration of Strategic Positioning | By: Cathy A. Enz, Linda Canina, and Jean-Pierre van der Rest

Executive Summary: This study explores the effects of competitor pricing levels on relative revenue on a sample of over 4,000 hotels in Europe over a ten-year period (2004–2013). Hotels in this European sample, which included both independent and chain-affiliated properties, achieved higher revenue per available room (RevPAR) than direct competitors when they positioned their hotels with comparatively higher prices.

Female Executives in Hospitality: Reflections on Career Journeys and Reaching the Top

Executive Summary: Structured interviews with twenty women who are top corporate executives or entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry revealed the talent, resourcefulness, and support required to achieve such a position.

The Options Matrix Tool (OMT): A Strategic Decision-making Tool to Evaluate Decision Alternative

The options matrix tool (OMT) is a spreadsheet-based decision making tool designed to help managers apply a set of decision criteria to a variety of alternatives or strategic options. It is particularly useful for decisions that require substantial judgment and for which numbers may not be available.
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