John Ragsdale Hendrie

Customer Experience Facilitator at Hospitality Performance

Hospitality Performance, Inc.

John Hendrie believes that Retail success comes from proper management of and commitment to the Customer Experience. He helps to guide his clients through that challenging Customer dynamic, looking at Branding and Marketing strategies, which match their market expectations, providing Training and Development programs to emphasize the behavioral and the mechanics of service execution, and designing assessment vehicles to evaluate the efforts and results. Remarkable performance is sustainable!

Insights by John Ragsdale Hendrie (106)

Plan for What Is Coming

Well, we really do not know what that is or what it will look like, but change is inevitable, shifting, declarative, sneaking and lasting in many cases. And, you, as the Brand architect, must prepare, react and manage the current disruption and ultimate reentry into the marketplace.

What This “New World” Means for us in Hospitality

Nowadays, for those of us who work in Hospitality throughout the world, it is getting harder to get out of bed. It seems as though everything is going "…to Hell in a handbasket". And, of course, the soothsayers emphasize worse rather than better horizons.

How to Get That Wayward Employee’s Attention

In this new world of changing market dynamics, we have the typical response - we ask more of our employees. In many cases, we just pile on the extra assignments, "rewarding" our top employees with additional work and responsibilities.

Return to Basics – Time to Rethink Your Guest’s Experience

Wow, just look at that magnificent sunset! My, that was a super ride on Flicka! Zowie, I cannot take any more of the chef's creation! All memorable experiences one would say. However, how about these comments.

Give Me Some Relief

We in hospitality have a critical directive - provide succor and comfort to an American guest landscape which is suffering. The marketplace is in arrears; it is tired, unappreciated, fractured and downright scared.
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