Benoit Gateau-Cumin

Chief Recruiting Officer at The Boutique Search Firm

Benoit Gateau-Cumin

Born and raised in France, Benoit managed to scoop up a French law degree prior to studying Hotel Administration at Cornell University. Upon graduation in 1975, he engaged in an eleven-year hotel management career that took him to Chicago, New York, Washington DC, San Diego, Istanbul, Jamaica and Hawaii. He held positions with Omni, Hyatt, Hilton International, ITT Sheraton and Méridien, as well as Honolulu’s unique Halekulani, consistently rated as one of the world’s best. Benoit was bit by the “headhunting” bug in 1986, and has not relented yet. He founded The Boutique Search Firm in February 1992. His motto: small is beautiful. Benoit loves to mountain bike, take long walks with his wife Susana and their two dogs, and tinker with his budding collection of classic English sports cars.

Insights by Benoit Gateau-Cumin (46)

Spread Your Wings Already!

A good “boss” is truly and genuinely concerned with your growing into a successful professional with original thoughts. A feudal boss will make sure you never leave, unless and until he/she decides it is convenient.

Where The Money Is

For so many years, hoteliers who made the decision to switch to club management were looked down upon by their "true hospitality" colleagues. After all, running a club used to be tantamount to regulating a flock of entitled folks proud to belong where their money would isolate them from the riffraff.

Global Warming Vs. The Great Gold Rush To Ski Resorts

Time after time over the past 20 years, we have been told that snow is going to become a very scarce commodity. And we witnessed it several years ago in various parts of the world, when it failed to show up during part or most of the snow season.

The Whole Sometimes Costs More Than The Sum Of The Parts

Lou Hammond Associates, one of my all-time favorite hospitality PR firms, happens to represent the 113-year-old Fifth Avenue Association. The association was the first endeavor of its kind to realize the need to create mutually advantageous ties between and among its members.

Furlough Management - A Fresh New Concept

COVID 19 is killing us. No secret about that. Business is down to crumbs of its old self. The first massive furloughs took place early spring. The idea was that COVID 19 would be over by summer (warm weather - you know).
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