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Kirby D. Payne

Founder and President of HVS Hotel Management

Kirby D. Payne, CHA, is founder and president of Tiverton, R.I.-based HVS Hotel Management, a full-service hotel- management company with offices in South Florida, in addition to New England . The company has operated hotels throughout the and served a multiplicity of clients, including lenders, airport authorities, law firms and individual investors. Payne, a 40-plus-year hotel-industry veteran, served as the 2002 Chair of the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AH&LA), is a former director of the National Restaurant Association, and previously served as a commissioner on the Certification Commission of the AH&LA's Educational Foundation.

Articles by Kirby D. Payne (10)

Room Service or is it Food Delivery?

I admit I am addicted to certain cartoons, including some serial ones. As a result, I regularly turn to the cartoon pages of the daily paper. I could not help but get an extra chuckle when I saw "The Family Circus" by Bill Keane on October 24, 1997. I wish we could reprint it ...

Sales Tax Audit!

Upon receiving notification that, due to random selection, one of our hotels was being audited for state sales and use tax compliance, we worried, we planned and worried some more.Not because we were hiding anything but simply because that is what one is supposed to do before ...

Hotel F&B - To Lease or Not to Lease?

and there was no attempt to verify that we had indeed registered or that we had credit available for a restaurant charge. Had we been cash-paying guests who had left a minimal deposit for telephone charges, we apparently would have been allowed to charge in the restaurant even ...

Get Involved in the Legislative Process

A majority of the people I know fall in the first category every four years and occasionally every two years, if they are really dedicated. Really interested voters may even read the headlines and first paragraph of news articles about the current big issues like minimum wage, ...