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Yeoh Siew Hoon is the Editor-at-Large for Shy Ventures – a company that she founded, that is driven by the mantra: “Content, Communication, Connection”. The multi-talented Miss Yeoh also created and manages the highly regarded travel insider website, while publishing her signature columns and features in key travel industry titles, and business and lifestyle magazines. Miss Yeoh is also an established speaker and facilitator at travel industry conferences and workshops. In 2004, she extended this interest further by launching her very own conference WIT – Web in travel – a travel distribution and marketing conference. The success of the conference was soon recognized. In 2008, WIT was awarded the Most Innovative Marketing Initiative title by the Singapore Tourism Board. Miss Yeoh is also a published author, having written titles including “Truth, Lies & Other Stuff” and “Around Asia in 1 Hr: Tales of Condoms, Chillies & Curries”.

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Airlines go low cost, hotels go luxury – will the twain meet?

At the HSMAI Asia Connect held Wednesday in Singapore, one thing that stood out is the disconnect between what’s going on in hotel development and aviation. According to the Centre for Aviation, Sydney, half of all air seats in Asia will be low cost in 10 years time.

Asia will come under similar pressures | Yeoh Siew Hoon Interviews Sabre CEO Sam Gilliland

Sabre CEO cautions against putting too much hope on region. Yeoh Siew Hoon reports from Los Angeles. Asia will come under the same pressures as the US and Europe and Sam Gilliland, Chairman and CEO of Sabre Holdings Corporation, warns against putting too much hope on the region to pull the travel industry out of the current slump.

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