Andrew Cohan

Managing Director at Horwath HTL - Miami

Andrew Cohan

Andrew Cohan, MAI, is the Managing Director for Horwath HTL primarily serving Florida and the Caribbean Basin, based in Miami. A seasoned hospitality professional with extensive real estate, marketing and account management skills in North and Latin America, Andrew has consulted for leading branded management companies such as Canyon Ranch, Six Senses, Montage, Solage and Bulgari. He has extensive experience with health and wellness resort properties and has performed numerous feasibility studies for planned resorts in the Caribbean and Central America. He especially enjoys working on greenfield projects, teaming with land planners to determine the optimal resort configuration in order to fit market demand with destination and site attributes. As health and wellness have moved from the margins of the industry to become important components of mainstream hospitality projects, Andrew's expertise has been in demand to conduct an increasing number of assignments for proposed resort properties, particularly as the industry recovery continues to strengthen in Central America, the Caribbean, Mexico and the "sunbelt states" here in the United States.

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The Societal Perspective Of Sustainability

We hear quite a bit about the economic justifications for sustainability (and of course about the environmental implications), but less so about the social "leg" of sustainability's three-legged stool.

The Gay Travel Paradox

A year or two after I graduated from college, I took a short vacation and went to Provincetown, Massachusetts, which I had heard was a gay destination (I was a late bloomer). On the first day there, I was riding my bicycle down Commercial Street when a guy on the sidewalk whistled at me and yelled out "Sexy legs!" At that moment, two things happened: First, I almost tumbled head over wheels into the car driving ahead of me; and, second, I knew the freedom and pleasure every straight high school kid who ever sat on a park bench in the afternoon sun kissing the boy or girl they were going steady with had felt.

Hyatt's Acquisition of Miraval is More Than Incremental

The acquisition of Miraval by Hyatt Hotels has the potential to mark a "tipping point" for both the destination spa sector and the ever-expanding definition of hospitality brands. The press release announcing the acquisition quotes several key pieces of data from research conducted by the Global Wellness Institute, an industry think tank, regarding the size of the wellness travel market and its integration in all key segments of travelers: leisure, corporate, and group and meeting.

Miami Cementing its Place in Elite List of Global Gateway & Hospitality Markets

In 2013, I wrote an article titled "Miami's Leap to Global Gateway Status". The article examined the factors that combined during the previous decade to move Miami from one "comp set", that of secondary cities and resort markets, to a new comp set, that of Global "must include" gateway markets.

Caribbean Tourism Planning: Good Times Are Not the Time to Relax

The past two years have seen the Caribbean tourism market finally shake off the last vestiges of recession symptoms. Travelers are spending, airlift is increasing and developers and their backers are investing.
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