Trevor Stuart-Hill

Founder and president of Revenue Matters

Trevor Stuart-Hill

Trevor Stuart-Hill is the founder and president of Colorado based Revenue Matters. He co-authored the first college-level textbook on the subject of revenue management and was a founding member of the Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International‘s (HSMAI) Revenue Management Advisory Board. In previous corporate level roles, Trevor defined revenue management strategies including developing pricing and distribution approaches for both Sage Hospitality Resources and Destination Hotels & Resorts. Prior to forming Revenue Matters in 2009, he was primarily responsible for the account management function for the Americas region at Sabre Hospitality Solutions.

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The Origin Of Revenue Management In The Hospitality Industry

To fully understand how the practice of revenue management evolved within the hospitality industry, we have to start with what was a chance encounter between two people named Smith on an American Airlines flight from Los Angeles to New York in 1953.

How can hotels correctly calculate their costs per acquisition?

My recommendation is that you start with a thumbnail approach to understanding net incremental profit from your major distribution channels. A story is sure to emerge from that exercise and you may want to dig deeper at that point.

Is Rate Parity Obsolete?

Be careful what you wish for! It's important to remember that it was hoteliers, not the OTA's, that insisted on incorporating rate parity clauses in OTA contracts in the first place.

Beyond Room Revenue - Revenue Management opportunities for 2021 and beyond

Room revenue is the main profit driver for many properties, so it is natural that the application of revenue management principles started there - but, it shouldn't end there. To determine if revenue management can have an impact in other areas of an operation, property leadership can look for the “big 4 ingredients”: Finite resource availability , Perishability, Market segmentation and Forecasted demand.

Do we need a new revenue management toolkit for 2021?

For individuals new to the concepts of revenue optimization, the first step would be to understand the breadth and depth of what is involved. Hint, it goes far beyond pricing. Work alongside an expert until you are ready to fly solo.
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