Bonnie Buckhiester

President at Buckhiester Management Limited

Bonnie E. BuckhiesterBonnie Buckhiester is the principal of Buckhiester Management, the leading Revenue Management consulting firm in North America for the hospitality industry. Ms. Buckhiester's career in travel, tourism and hospitality is extensive and multi-dimensional including positions as Senior Vice President, Operations for a major North American hotel REIT; General Manager for two 4½-diamond hotels, and General Manager Operations for a major tour operator. Her diverse product knowledge of hotel, tour, cruise, air, rail and car rental inventories offers a unique cross-fertilization of industry strategies. She holds a Bachelor Degree from the University of Illinois, a Certification in Revenue Management from Cornell University, and a Certification from Guelph University's Hospitality Managers Development Course. She's a member of the prestigious industry organization, the International Society of Hospitality Consultants, and has acted as a Board Member for several years, including President & Chairman. She is also a multi-year member of HSMAI's Revenue Management Advisory Board and annually facilitates HSMAI's Chief Revenue Officer Roundtable.

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Innovative Problem Solving In A Post-COVID-19 World

Some years ago, my sister Wendy was completing her master’s degree. As part of her studies, she was trained to administer and interpret the Myers-Briggs personality test. To practice, she had several family members and friends take the test.

Looking for demand clues during a pandemic

Over the past many months, I've witnessed with almost incomprehension the evolution of change the COVID-19 pandemic has forced upon our industry.

Total Revenue Management: Are Hotels Talking About It or Doing It?

In April 2013 I wrote an article for Hospitality Upgrade magazine about Total Revenue Management. My premise was that by the year 2020 the industry would be well-entrenched in total RM…that elusive goal of managing every revenue source at every guest touchpoint to its maximum profitability.

The Evolution of Revenue Management - What Generation is Your Revenue Manager?

Webster's Dictionary defines 'generation' in various ways. One definition is…"all of the people born and living at about the same time, regarded collectively". Another is…"a group of people of similar age involved in a particular activity.

The business intelligence boom

In this highly thought-provoking piece, originally published in the HITEC 2014 Special Report, Bonnie Buckhiester of Buckhiester Management, Ltd., explains the need to move away from the conventional concepts of marketing, sales and revenue management, and to think instead in terms of demand creation, demand capture and demand management.