David Hayes and Allisha Miller

David Hayes and Allisha Miller

Dr. David K. Hayes and Allisha A. Miller operate Panda Professionals Hospitality Management and Training ( where they create and deliver innovative and practical educational materials and pricing-related seminars exclusively for those in the hospitality industry. Joshua D. Hayes, MS is a Panda Professionals consulting author.

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Turning Data Into Profit: How Hotel GM’s Can Apply Insights From Cutting Edge Data Scientists

For the third year in a row, Forbes reported "Data Scientist" as the best job in America. The job pays well (median base salary of $110,000), and qualified data scientists are in high demand. Currently, Amazon is actively seeking to fill its 436 data scientist vacancies and Google is trying to hire another 135 data scientists.

Maximizing Results Beyond Minimum Wages: Cost Free Tips to Enhance Hospitality Employees’ Lives

It is no secret that President Obama is seeking an increase in the minimum wage that could affect all hospitality business owners and operators. At the same time, Pope Francis challenges business leaders the world over to ensure there is a "fair distribution of wealth.

Selling Craft Beers: 5 Tips for Countering Customers’ Price Ale-ments

Restaurant managers face a variety of challenges when pricing their food and beverage products. This is especially the case when significant changes in customer preferences create heightened demand for specific new products.

The Fallacy and Failure of Fade Rates

Guests arriving without a reservation represent the least expensive distribution channel possible for a hotel. Despite that, a surprising number of revenue managers (RMs) do not pay enough attention to these guests.

What Revenue Managers Can Learn From Movie Theater Owners: Lessons in Arbitrage

Experienced revenue managers know that the value of their high-quality sleeping rooms will vary based on a number of factors. These factors include the day of week, season, and a guest's reason for travel.
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