Rohit Verma

Professor at Cornell School of Hotel Administration

Rohit Verma

Rohit Verma, Ph.D., is a professor of service operations management at the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration (SHA), where he is also the coordinator for MBAMMH Dual Degree Programs, and formerly was executive director of the Cornell Center for Hospitality Research. He has published in and serves on the editorial boards of several prestigious business and hospitality journals and is co-author, co-editor, or contributor to several books related to effective management of service businesses.

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"Robot Rooms": How Guests Use and Perceive Hotel Robots

Robot-assisted hotel services get generally high marks in a study of guests at 88 hotels in China. Guests reported making fairly frequent use of the robots, primarily for such relatively simple functions as turning on the lights and turning off the TV.

From wellness to well-being

The modern world places stresses on us like never before. Paradoxically, despite our near-permanent state of connectedness, one manifestation of the social pressures we are under is an epidemic of loneliness.

Robots: Hotel customers like them (mostly)!

When Captain Kirk or Mr. Spock needed information, they would hail the Enterprise's computer, and the computer would respond to their request. In 1966, that was an amazing piece of science fiction. Now, with Siri, Alexa, and other devices with artificial intelligence, we all are figuratively standing on the bridge of the Enterprise, speaking to devices that are "listening" to us and fulfilling our simple requests.

Hoteliers are investing in sustainability: Where does it go from here?

The hospitality industry has finally embraced the challenge of tackling sustainability, with most hotel groups believing that operating a sustainable company is not just “a nice thing to do” but the new way of doing business, say Rutgers University’s Matthew Walsman and Cornell’s Rohit Verma.

Environmental Sustainability in the Hospitality Industry: Best Practices, Guest Participation, and Customer Satisfaction

Executive Summary: Certain sustainability practices could be considered nearly universal in the lodging industry, based on a study of 100 resorts in the United States. Among the common green practices are water conserving fixtures and linen-reuse programs.
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