Jack B. Corgel

Managing Director, CBRE Hotels’ Americas Research

Jack Corgel

Jack Corgel is Managing Director, CBRE Hotels’ Americas Research. Jack holds the Robert C. Baker Chair (Professorship) in Real Estate at the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration and holds the position of the director of graduate studies for the Baker Program in Real Estate. He was the first director of the Center for Hospitality Research at SHA. After receiving undergraduate and PhD degrees from the University of Georgia in real estate and corporate finance, he held faculty positions in several business schools at major universities before joining Cornell. Corgel serves as senior advisor to PKF Hospitality Research (PKF-HR), where he helps the firm develop products for the hotel industry based on property-level financial and real estate performance information, including Hotel Horizons econometric forecast of U.S. hotel market performance.

Corgel published 80 articles in academic and professional journals, mainly on the subjects of real estate finance, investment, valuation, and hospitality real estate. His research appeared in the most prestigious journals in real estate (Real Estate Economics), urban economics (Journal of Urban Economics), insurance (Journal of Risk and Insurance), business law (Journal of the American Business Law Association), and hospitality management (Cornell Quarterly and International Journal of Hospitality Management). In addition, he has written for nearly every national journal read by real estate professionals. His textbook, Real Estate Perspectives (with Smith and Ling), was used throughout the nation for introductory real estate courses. He co-edited and wrote chapters for The Cornell School of Hotel Administration on Hospitality: Cutting Edge Thinking and Practice. Corgel’s current research interests include the relationship between the macro-economy and hotel markets and real estate price and capitalization rate forecasting.

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U.S. Hotel Interest Coverage

According to the March 2019 edition of CBRE's Hotel Horizons® forecast report, RevPAR growth for the U.S. lodging industry will be limited to under 2.5 percent through 2020. Further, CBRE is projecting a 0.

Which US hotel markets are on the bubble?

At a recent gathering, I was involved in a group conversation with hotel property investors who agreed that they have been "choking on the numbers" in certain U.S. hotel markets. Stated differently, their spreadsheet models explode once either acquisition prices or development costs are entered to evaluate hotel opportunities, especially in red-hot markets.

Do Property Characteristics or Cash Flow Drive Hotel Real Estate Value? The Answer Is Yes

Abstract: Analysts typically use two types of methods to value hotels: comparable sales and the present value of income (sometimes calculated as discounted cash flow). This report explores whether one model is superior to the other, and whether combining both models results in more precise hotel valuations.

The Effect of a Rise in Interest Rates on Hotel Capitalization Rates

Abstract - Capitalization rates for all commercial real estate are affected by changes in the general level of interest rates. Hotel capitalization rates should respond more quickly to interest rate changes than those of other property types because hotels do not experience the "lease friction" found in other commercial properties, with their lengthy leases.

Goldilocks and the three reasons most hotel markets will not become overbuilt

A frequently asked question of us at CBRE Hotels' Americas Research is, "When will the current up- cycle end?" Some inquisitive types go so far as to ask, "How will it end?" At the "end" of the past two up-cycle phases, the peak rapidly dropped into a deep trough precipitated by tragic and disruptive shocks (i.
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