Tim P. Smith

Managing Partner, HVS Cape Town

Tim P Smith

Tim Smith MRICS is Managing Partner, HVS Cape Town. Tim graduated from De Montfort University with a degree in Estate Management and has worked for firms of chartered surveyors in London since 1995, specialising in the valuation and sale of hotels and all forms of leisure properties. Tim has valued properties in more than 30 countries across the EMEA region and has been involved with the valuation of some of the most important individual assets and portfolio transactions across the region.

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Africa Traveler & Hotel Guest Sentiment Survey

COVID19 has, and continues to, dramatically impact every aspect of our lives. At the time of writing globally there have been approximately 13.5M cases and 580,000 deaths. Almost every country has had restrictions placed on their daily lives.

Sustainable Extravagance: Water-Wise Hospitality

Currently the biggest socio-economic problem facing the Western Cape region is severe drought and related water shortages. The drought reached crisis levels in early October 2017 when the City of Cape Town estimated it only had 5-months of water left.

In Focus: African Hotel Market Update

And breathe……… Wow, 2016 was quite a year and turned the world on its head; the UK voters opted for Brexit and the US electors chose Donald Trump as their next president. These monumental decisions will have far-reaching ramifications that will impact on us all, including Africa.

Africa Opens Arms to Global Hotel Brands… and Tourism

The strengthening of the rand against the pound and the dollar is unlikely to deter visitors to South Africa. Initial concerns that Brexit would stop Europeans from making long-haul trips have proved incorrect.

2016 African Hotel Valuation Index | By Tim Smith, Tshepo Makhudu, Laura Dutrieux

Welcome to the third edition of the African Hotel Valuation Index (HVI). We are thrilled that the number of markets included in the study continues to grow. In the first edition we had 14 cities, that grew to 18 last year and this year it has increased again to 21 cities in 16 different countries.
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