Timothy R. Wiersma

Principal | Revenue Generation, LLC.

Timothy R. Wiersma

With more than two decades of experience in the hospitality industry, Tim Wiersma is recognized as a leader in revenue management. Specializing in property and portfolio revenue management, sales, marketing, distressed- asset turnaround, and asset assessment, he consistently delivers results for properties around the world.

Before founding Revenue Generation LLC, Tim was a vice president with Host Hotels and Resorts, a Fortune 500 company and the largest premiere real estate hospitality company in the world. He has also held a vice president position at TPG Hospitality, a private equity firm with over 60 full-service hotels representing all major markets and brands, and he was vice president Red Roof Group where he oversaw the Revenue Strategy of over 650 economy hotels. He has held other corporate-level positions with Starwood Hotels and Resorts and Canadian Hotel Income Properties and has been a key advisor for Marriott International in sales and revenue management.

Over the course of his career, Tim has worked with all major brands and independent properties and has developed top line business intelligence tools, dashboards, and business configurations to assist hotels in driving optimal results. He thrives on finding innovative ways to turn around underperforming assets while motivating sales and revenue teams.

Tim holds a BA in Business Administration and Finance. He is an active member of HSMAI (Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International) and is currently serving on its board as chair of the Revenue Optimization advisory board.

In his spare time, Tim enjoys spending time with family, friends and flying a Cessna 172.

Insights by Timothy R. Wiersma (7)

Is Rate Parity Obsolete?

Oh boy! Are we tired of the game of whack-a-mole yet? Maintaining rate parity is a major effort and somehow OTA "partners" find a way to skirt the rule by offering member-only rates (with very few qualifications), bundling with air, or grabbing a wholesale rate and unbundling it.

Beyond Room Revenue - Revenue Management opportunities for 2021 and beyond

As it relates to non-room revenue, we only have to look around us to find opportunities. If you have meeting space, perhaps you can look at possible alternative uses for the space on a temporary basis.

We’re out of the rut. Now what?

Do more with less seems to be the theme of the day as companies move forward. With the clients I've dealt with I am finding them looking to technology to fill in those gaps where human resources do not exist.

A Post-Crisis Top-3 Revenue Management Action Plan

As a revenue manager, it is important to keep close tabs on pace data and more specifically where the pace is coming from. The demand may not be from the traditional channels as business and group travel may be further delayed in the recovery.

Has forecasting become a lost art?

It is very important for hotels to maintain a detailed forecast for both the short term (more frequent) and longer-term (outside 3 months). If your property has an automated system that provides demand information, it will likely only be reliable for the short term.
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