Joseph Pierce

Director of Appraisal & Consulting Services at Hotel & Leisure Advisors

Joseph PierceMr. Pierce performs appraisals, market feasibility studies, and impact studies nationally for a wide range of hospitality properties. He has extensive experience in operations and accounting in hotels and resorts. He has been a hospitality consultant and appraiser since 2003 and holds a Certified Real Estate Appraiser License in the state of Ohio. During his career he has also managed an independently-owned hotel, The Talbott Hotel in Chicago and served as a Controller for both Marriott and Renaissance Hotels. Mr. Pierce has an MBA from Michigan State University’s School of Hospitality Business.

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What Drove Hotel Values to Decline in 2020?

The once-in-a-century pandemic has caused hoteliers to endure a firestorm that decimated the hotel and leisure industries.

After A Decade Of Growth And Recovery, What’s Next?

Looking back at the past always helps to give an indication of what the future may hold. The hotel industry has shown tremendous growth in all metrics since 2009.

Public-Private Partnerships for Hotels

Public-private partnerships (P3) have long been an economic development tool in the hospitality industry, but post- recession they have become more commonplace. A solid supply of quality hotels and leisure opportunities can improve a market's stock as a go-to destination and provide substantial long-term and short-term economic benefits - not only to the developer and the city, but also to the city's existing businesses and residents.

The Ground Rent Alternative

You have found the site that fits your development needs in a market that complements the improvements you want to develop. Unfortunately, the desired site is either not for sale or is available at a price point outside your development budget.