Soenke Weiss

Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Optii Solutions Pty Ltd

Soenke Weiss

Soenke Weiss is a housekeeping evangelist and Founder of Optii Solutions. A passion for housekeeping management combined with a revenue management background has driven Soenke to create the world’s first and only housekeeping software solution focused on management of labour resources to drive profitability and guest experience.

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Outsourced housekeeping - the panacea to all our housekeeping woes?

The outsourcing debate is not new, but the current global situation is causing it to heat up again. The argument typically revolves around whether an outsourcing agency is capable of delivering the same quality and service levels as a hotel can with a team of their own, that they employ and thus control.

What COVID-induced changes in hospitality are here to stay?

The pandemic has fast‐forwarded guest technology plans as hotels across the world have taken steps to minimize all possible touchpoints. The go‐to guest apps have been those that enable online or contactless checking in, menu lookups or digitally executing guest in‐room requests.

Is Housekeeping Moving From The Back To The Front Of The House?

The expectation of a cleanroom has evolved from one that is 'dust and debris free' to one that is 'germ-free'. Even a sticker seal in the door cannot ensure that trust. The value for hotels however lies in turning a guest's trust into confidence that a germ-free environment awaits them in their room.

The Role Of Technology In Managing Operational Complexities In The COVID-19 Era

The hospitality sector has been hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic as we saw hotels around the world forced to close their doors for an uncertain and extended period of time. Hotels have used lockdown to prepare for reopening, taking into account new protocols and cleaning procedures so that guests and employees are confident to return.

Does the post-COVID era require a different skillset from housekeepers?

The sudden changes and swift momentum triggered by COVID-19 have placed many housekeepers outside of their comfort zone without advance warning. Just like other department heads, they suddenly found themselves having to deal with a situation they were not trained, nor prepared for.
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