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Youri Sawerschel

Strategy & Branding Consultant at Bridge.over

Youri joined bridge.over in 2011 to strengthen the firm’s capabilities in marketing and design. Focusing on top-line growth, his fields of expertise cover strategic branding, concept development and business model generation. Solicited by global and small businesses for his creative thinking skills, he has been involved with projects in Europe, China and the Middle-East. Previously, besides several entrepreneur ventures, Youri has worked for Rocco Forte Hotels and Kempinski.

Articles by Youri Sawerschel (5)

Is the future of loyalty programs social?

When seeking to increase customer loyalty and share of wallet, hotel chains should seriously harness the power of social media to differentiate their loyalty programs, says Youri Sawerschel of Geneva-based consultancy Bridge.over Group. How to do this? By turning them into social ...

The Holistic Approach To Develop A Hotel Concept

#1 Segment your customers according to their behaviourDemographics and purpose of travel are no longer accurate means to segment customers as the line between work and leisure is getting thinner every day.Instead, guests should be grouped according to their behaviour. You should ...

Global branding is dead. Micro-branding is next

For a generation or more, branding has been regarded as an absolute must by hotel marketing professionals. But have we focused on branding the right things? Youri Sawerschel of Geneva-based consultancy bridge.over thinks maybe we have been missing an opportunity. Often in the ...