Arturo Cuenllas

Leadership Coach, Speaker, and Professor

Arturo Cuenllas

Professor of Leadership, Organizational Behavior at IE Business School and University / BHMS Business & Management School / Ostelea Tourism Management School. Former Hotel General Manager (+20 years experience)

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Lost & Found Instructions: The Super Boss

Some - especially those my age - will remember the television series The Great American Hero. Ralph Hinkley is a school teacher who has to wear a suit with special powers that he has received from aliens.

A Higher Purpose in Hospitality: 3 Rules of Conscious Leadership

The following is a confession that I make out loud in my classes and seminars: "In my professional career of more than 20 years leading teams in different countries, I have been a bad boss at first, then I improved, but I stayed at levels of mediocrity for a long time.

Why Candidness is need in Hospitality Management

Los Rodeos airport, March 27th 1977, Tenerife, Spain, two Boing 747 are on the verge of crashing in what will be the major air catastrophe up to the date. 583 persons will die on that tragic day. A heap of circumstances, problems, failures, wrong decisions and bad luck will coincide at a few hours.

Mediocre managers are all over in hospitality

Mediocre bosses are in all of the industries, not only in hospitality. It's what the majority of research on leadership conclude. When underlings have the opportunity to evaluate their managers, just a small percentage of them are ranked as excellent bosses.

Why sustainability should be a core subject in hospitality management

The CEO of Scandic hotels Ronald Nilsson prognosticated in 1994: "Tomorrow's market is about mutual values. Scandic had been looking inward [as many hotels today do, only focusing on the product and services] instead of outward at the values of the market.
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