Frank Zamora

Account Executive at Vizergy


After graduating from college in Nicaragua, Frank spent several years in advertising and account management before coming to Vizergy. After working on the company's search marketing team for over a year, Frank transitioned into account management before being promoted to his current role as an Account Executive.

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COVID-19 Recovery Series: Media Budgets & Targeting

Amongst the many uncertainties and changes COVID-19 has brought upon the world, one thing is certain: the coronavirus crisis will end and people will travel again.

The Latest and Greatest from Google: Offer Extensions

The newest addition to Enhanced Campaigns that Google has introduced is an incredibly valuable feature known as Offer Extensions. Previously in limited beta, this feature is included in the Adwords extensions platform, and is now available to the general public.

Google Enhanced Campaigns: Upgraded Ad Extensions

Enhanced Campaigns is bringing forth many new and upgraded features that Paid Search (PPC) Marketers can now use, among them are the Google Ad Extensions. These Ad Extensions are an expansion to the standard text ad and are shown based on quality score, positioning, and other factors.

Facebook Graph Search for Hotels

Facebook launched Graph Search early this year, and while currently in beta testing, it will be available to everyone soon. The tool essentially allows users to utilize Facebook as a search engine, with the search results consisting exclusively of Facebook likes, photos, videos, personal information, etc.