Bill Jefferson

Senior Analyst, Natural Search

JeffersonBill attended Florida Community College at Jacksonville, and spent several years as a CNC Programmer and a LCM Supervisor. He has now been a Senior Analyst on the company's search marketing team for over 10 years, and specializes in natural search (SEO).
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COVID-19 Recovery Series: Boosting Natural Search Traffic

With COVID-19 disrupting the hospitality space so intensely, we are left wondering what the landscape will look like as we emerge on the other side of this pandemic. With hotels having to shut their doors, airlines flying mostly empty planes, and travel at a near standstill, the only silver lining is the time we now have to take a step back, measure the effectiveness of our previous digital efforts, and take the time to make a plan moving forward.

Does my hotel website even need to run PPC? In short, yes.

When running a paid campaign (as in pay-per-click advertising, or PPC), Vizergy often bids on terms that we rank well for naturally (from our search engine optimization, or SEO, efforts), and we may lose some natural traffic to paid traffic.

Link Building: the Good, the Bad & the Ugly!

Although links have been and will continue to be a very important way of showing your website's worth to search engines, I have seen many bad "link schemes" over the years. One tactic I used to see a lot and, until recently, thought was no longer in use, is building dozens of one page websites for the sole purpose of linking back to your actual website.

Bye, keyword data… you won’t be missed as much as people think

Google said goodbye to Keyword Centered SEO many moons ago. I would say this started with LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) when Google began using Singular Value Decomposition. In layman's terms, that was an attempt to deliver results relevant to the user's intent, rather than just the exact phrase the user typed in the search bar.

Is on-page optimization that important to travel websites?

"Yes, absolutely," says Joe Hyman, President & CEO of Vizergy Digital Travel Marketing. "The world's most striking hotel website design—even with proper alt text on images—misses the target entirely without professional on page optimization elevating organic search rankings.