Aradhana Khowala

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KhowalaAradhana is a global expert on the travel, tourism and hospitality industries. Her executive, entrepreneurial and board career spans over two decades, five continents and 75+ countries. She is currently the CEO of Aptamind Partners, a private client advisory that advises governments and businesses on using tourism as a force for good and she is the former Managing Director of Tourism at NEOM which is the US$ 500 Billion land of the future in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. A sought-after Board Member she has an active portfolio of board roles both in private and listed companies which includes being the Chair of the Red Sea Advisory board in Saudi Arabia, Board Member of World Tourism Forum in Lucerne Switzerland as well as Board Member of the leisure arm of a multi asset listed holding company. She speaks widely on sustainable tourism, tourism of the future, women in leadership and has participated in global policy discussions in United Nations bodies, the WEF as well as the G20 apart from all major tourism Summits. She has studied at Ecole Hotelier de Lausanne in Switzerland, Cornell University in US and INSEAD in France.

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The Dangerous Threat Of Coronavirus To All Things Equality

With COVID 19 we have all been thrown into a new world, barred up in our homes, missing the comfort of friends and family. While we are wrapped up in our own bubbles, we have been oblivious to the fact that many poor people are suffering, and the fact that the gap between the rich and the poor has widened enormously and at an unprecedented rate during the crisis.

A 7 Step Guide to Investors Considering Buy Side Due Diligence for Hotel Acquisition

Any investor considering a hotel acquisition needs to validate the key assumptions being made about the transaction and ensure there are no skeletons in the closet that can impact the future of the business.

Is your hotel positioned right to woo the Chinese traveller in 2014?

Booming economy – check; Growing middle class – check; High levels of disposable income – check; Big spenders abroad – check. Over the last few years, China has been heralded to an undisputed No. 1 spot as the fastest growing tourism source market in the world.

Food & Beverage Profitability – Hotel Chain’s Achilles Heel?

Today there are multiple opportunities available to an unhappy Owner from picking and bringing a star restaurant, a franchise or celebrity chef on site. Hence, hotel chains need to ensure they treat their F&B part of the business as an independent business unit with a separate business plan of its own.

Is a branded operator really a failsafe option for every hotel owner?

There's been a flodding of research over the last several years about the increasingly blurry debate of branding a hotel and the benefits it provides to both the owner and the operator. In general, every owner and operator is different as are their circumstances and needs and a plethora of factors have to come together to guide the decision making on "how and whom to proceed with" for both parties.