Asher Fusco

Associate Director, Copy & SEO


Asher Fusco is Associate Director, Copy & SEO at HeBS Digital, the hospitality industry’s leading full-service digital technology and marketing firm, based in New York City.

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2016 Checklist to Maximize Revenues from Content Marketing + SEO

Change is the only certainty in the world of search engine optimization. To succeed in the ever-evolving SEO landscape, hoteliers should adopt a proactive approach to content creation, marketing and optimization.

Don’t Sleep on Google Penguin: Adopt a Solid Defensive SEO Strategy

When Google Penguin originally rolled out more than four years ago, it impacted results for a staggering 12 percent of search queries. The update put into place stringent requirements on the quality of inbound links Google rewarded.

Google Doorway Page Algorithm Update: Action Plan for Hotel Vanity Websites

On March 16, Google announced the rollout of an algorithm change intended to minimize the visibility of spam content on search engine results pages. The update, known as the "Doorway Page Algorithm Update," targets pages with thin, low-quality content and unnatural keyword usage.

Hotelier’s Guide to the Google Mobile-Friendliness Algorithm Update

Google is back in the news with another algorithm change – and this time it's a big one. The search engine announced recently its plans to roll out the Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Update on April 21st, 2015, a change expected to impact up to 40% of all mobile searches.

The Undying Importance of SEO: How to Actively Maximize Your Search Engine Presence

Generating engagement via social media channels and creating unique experiences for website visitors are important aspects of digital marketing. It's also important to remember the basics - namely SEO - when building a marketing plan.
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