Ted Horner

Information Technology and Services Consultant

Ted Horner

In 1989, Ted Horner established E Horner & Associates Pty Ltd, a consulting practice specializing in technology consulting to the hospitality industry, and he is now widely respected as Australia's leading consultant in this area. In 2002 he was a founding member of HTNG (Hotel Technology Next Generation), a not for profit body which was established in the US to promote open systems integrations between vendors in the industry, and today he is an Executive Advisor to HTNG. In 2014 was elected to the International Board of Directors of Hotel Technology Financial Professionals (HFTP), which runs the largest hotel technology exhibition/conference in the world.

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Are there any quick-fix IT solutions for hotels in the post-COVID new normal?

I believe there are three immediate action steps hoteliers, especially independents, can implement in a relatively fast and inexpensive fashion: 1. Develop a “Here is how we make your stay with us safer than ever” program with sanitation and safety protocols at the property, including: Infrared fever detection for each guest arrival (devices on Amazon start at $299)Contactless guest servicing technology applications such as mobile-check-in and virtual concierge as well as mobile assistants in the guest rooms, etc.

The Death of Yesterday’s PMS: Embracing the New Normal

Does anyone remember the NCR 4200. Used as the front desk and night audit posting machine? That dinosaur was replaced by what we thoughtlessly named the “PMS” (which would have been better named 'PMIS” for “information system.

How to deal with consultants effectively: A view from the other side

Ted Horner has almost 30 year’s experience as an IT consultant in the hotel industry. We asked him for advice on how a company can get the most out of working with a consultant. Here are his eminently reasonable guidelines.

2016’s key hotel technology trends: a view from the top

The world is experiencing tremendous growth in new hotels, writes Ted Horner of E. Horner & Associates. This development creates tremendous opportunities for the adoption of exciting new technologies, but as he states, we must get the fundamentals correct from the outset.

Key trends in in-room technology in 2014

For the better part of three decades, Ted Horner has written and spoken on hospitality technology all over the world. Here he takes us on a quick tour d’horizon of some of the trendsetting ideas that are dominating inroom technology as we enter 2014.