Bernard Ellis

President and Founder at Lodgital Insights LLC

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Mr. Ellis has a track record of stewarding technology initiatives from industry startup to industry standard. He has spent most of his career at early- and mid-stage startups bringing best-of-breed solutions to market. then leading to successful acquisitions: namely, Micros (Oracle), SynXis (Sabre), and IDeaS, (SAS). He also performed contract sales & marketing assignments for d2o and GEMtouch, and served as VP of Industry Strategy - Hospitality for Infor. Bernard Ellis can be contacted at 202-232-3839 or [email protected]

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HITEC 2016: Remembering What You Are

My 25th HITEC is done and dusted. For the uninitiated, HITEC is HFTP's annual "Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition & Conference," attracting over 5000 buyers, sellers, and a growing number of innocent bystanders who seem to genuinely want to learn.

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