Bernard Ellis

President and Founder at Lodgital Insights LLC

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Mr. Ellis has a track record of stewarding technology initiatives from industry startup to industry standard. He has spent most of his career at early- and mid-stage startups bringing best-of-breed solutions to market. then leading to successful acquisitions: namely, Micros (Oracle), SynXis (Sabre), and IDeaS, (SAS). He also performed contract sales & marketing assignments for d2o and GEMtouch, and served as VP of Industry Strategy - Hospitality for Infor. Bernard Ellis can be contacted at 202-232-3839 or [email protected]

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Are You Unknowingly Running an Exempt-Employee Sweatshop?

It stands to reason that the older you get, the less you get to work alongside people who are a lot older than you. Some of my favorite memories from working in hotels are the conversations I used to have with both guests and co-workers who were old enough to be my parents or grandparents.

Achieving Total Revenue Management with Your Existing RMS

Technology is often blamed for raising the biggest barrier to embracing a "total revenue management" approach. But chances are that you have systems in place that are already up to the task, if only you would set them up to succeed.

HITEC 2016: Remembering What You Are

My 25th HITEC is done and dusted. For the uninitiated, HITEC is HFTP's annual "Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition & Conference," attracting over 5000 buyers, sellers, and a growing number of innocent bystanders who seem to genuinely want to learn.

Hey, You, Get Off of My Cloud!

After cautiously testing the cloud computing waters for almost twenty years, the hospitality industry has been diving in head first lately, and for the most part, made nice, controlled entries with minimal splash.

Predictions for Hospitality Technology in 2016

What a difference a year made in hospitality technology. For Americans, Chip-and-PIN/EMV appears to be the new Y2K - those who prepared are feeling terribly anti-climactic, and those who ostriched, so far, haven't felt much pain.
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