Jason G. Bryant

Vice President Nor1 – Oracle Hospitality

Jason Bryant

Currently Jason is Vice President Nor1 - Oracle Hospitality, based on Oracle Corporation's acquisition of Nor1 at the end of 2020. With this experience Jason has learned that the greatest opportunity for any business is to finally realize tangible, repeatable results from artificial intelligence efforts. Much has been sold, yet not delivered regarding AI/ML. This is going to change dramatically and rapidly because the tools and approaches have matured, and continue to evolve at an unprecedented pace.

Jason earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Michigan and currently sits on a number of non- profit boards.

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Focus On Productivity: How COVID taught us to do more with less resources...

The use of intelligent technology is the most realistic lever to pull that enables hoteliers to do more with fewer resources. While simple technical automation of manual tasks in the hospitality industry is a worthwhile objective, I believe we will see the most significant gains by automating decision-making, specifically decisions of pricing, inventory management, and merchandising.

HN World Panel LIVE with Oracle Hospitality and Nor1

Delivering on Guest Expectations and Driving Revenues with Oracle Hospitality and Nor1. All eyes are on the hospitality industry"s rebound as we brace for the impact of pent-up travel and event demand.

Strategic Thinking: How Hotels Can Survive a Downturn with AI Upselling Technology

Looking at 2019 alone, the hotel industry seemed fairly stable, albeit with slowing growth. Occupancy dropped early in the year but stabilized a bit in Q3, while ADR continued to grow, though with less enthusiasm than some previous quarters.

Platform-Thinking: A Powerful Approach to Upselling

Platform thinking has fundamentally changed consumer experience across every industry. According to Vox, Uber conducted research in global markets to measure how long consumers were willing to wait for a ride.

The Most Important Question Every Hotel Company Should Ask Right Now

Artificial intelligence (AI) implementation has grown 270% over the past four years and 37% in the past year alone, according to Gartner's 2019 CIO Survey of more than 3,000 executives. About the ubiquity of AI and machine learning (ML) Gartner VP Chris Howard notes, "If you are a CIO and your organization doesn't use AI, chances are high that your competitors do and this should be a concern," (VentureBeat).
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