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William (Bill) Sipple is executive managing director of HVS Capital Corp (HVSCC), where he leads a team of professionals that provide a wide range of real estate investment services on an international level. HVSCC is the investment banking arm for HVS, and has extensive experience in debt and equity raises, asset sales, and capital structuring. You can contact Bill at (303) 512-1226 or [email protected] His “Inside Financing” column will appear regularly on

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Filling the Cap Stack Gap

Even with great availability of low cost senior debt today, we still see a lot of projects suffering from a gap in their capital stack. Most of these deals are new construction projects, but there are plenty of acquisitions that have the same issue.

Underwriting Your PIP

Ask any hotelier about their experiences with financing and you'll likely get a mixed-bag of answers, but most will point out that hotels remain one of the hardest asset classes to capitalize. To complicate matters, a number of the branding companies have recently announced either renewed efforts to bring lagging properties up to current standards, or new standards programs intended to differentiate their brands from the pack.

Readying your Hotel for Sale

With transaction volumes in early 2013 50 percent ahead of the level in early 2012, many owners today are asking themselves if this is the right time to sell. They see very low cost capital that is abundantly available, contributing to higher values.