Natalie Osborn

Senior industry consultant for SAS Institute’s Hospitality and Travel practice


Natalie Osborn is the senior industry consultant for SAS Institute’s Hospitality and Travel practice, and an 18+ year veteran of hospitality and hospitality technology solutions development, specializing in revenue management. Prior to joining SAS, Natalie was the director, product marketing for Minneapolis-based IDeaS Revenue Solutions, where she worked from 2000 to 2011.

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Guest-centric hotel marketing: Identifying the drivers of guest value

In a previous post, I discussed how hospitality marketers can gain a complete picture of their guests and understand guest behavior with analytics. In this post, I will explore what you can do once you have a complete picture of your guests.

The 360-degree view: Gaining a complete picture of your guests

For hotel companies, it is challenging to find new ways to differentiate in an ever evolving marketplace. There is a lot of talk in our industry about the increasing numbers of third party channels and distributors to have entered the marketplace, and how that impacts the hotel company's core business.

Forecasting and Optimizing Digital Media Mix for Hospitality: Let’s get practical!

Last week, I spoke to Suneel Grover, senior solutions architect for digital intelligence at SAS, about how better data and integration can drive improvements in web analytics. This week I wanted to see how this could be applied for a hospitality company.

Web analytics for hospitality: It’s time for better data and better integration

There's a lot of talk about modernizing hospitality marketing – and most of it is dependent on finally cracking the nut between online and offline guest data and bringing predictive analytics to play.

What can Hotels learn from Casinos? Focus on knowing your guests

Did you know that total consumer spending on gambling at commercial casinos in the US was calculated at $37.34 billion in 2012? $8.6 billion of this revenue was returned to states and local communities in the form of taxes and other levies.
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