Anne-Marie Auriault

Founder & Managing Director at Pimlico Asset Management, and Independent Board Member

Anne-Marie AuriaultAnne-Marie has extensive experience in the field of real estate in asset management, investment, and strategic advisory, as well as Capital Markets, across Switzerland, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and the US. She is a member of the Hotel Asset Manager Association Europe (HAMA), the pre-eminent organisation of professionals responsible for proactively increasing asset values on behalf of hotel owners worldwide. She is also a member of the Swiss Women in Board Network (CSDA). Anne-Marie holds an MBA in International Hospitality Management from EHL, as well as an Advance Certificate in Hospitality Real Estate & Finance from ESSEC Business School.

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Is the wolf scratching at the door? Lessons learned so far from the COVID era...

2020 was a turbulent year for our industry.Hotel owners have been highly focused on cash management: it is all about minimizing working capital and continue revisiting variable costs.

In Step: Owners and Operators moving forward, together (or not)

Owners and Operators are in a long-term relationship, and a good dialogue is key among the parties. However, owners are likely to be the party who pick up the bills, which is a greater burden for them at the moment.

Why Asset Management is essential at Board level in a post-COVID world?

Today's COVID-19 is without precedent and requires us to adapt very quickly to ensure business sustainability. The impact on the hospitality industry has been severe and forcing the closure of many hotels and restaurants due to a lack of demand.

Strategy needs to be ON even when the world is OFF

Even if we cannot predict when the start of the recovery process will be in each country, it should not stop us from making plans and adapt accordingly to a slow rebound. A most likely scenario is a U-shape type of recovery if the virus is contained, and we can start seeing a slow rebound (airlines reopen, diagnostic testing in place, etc.

Whither hotel asset management?

Initially unorganized and rudimentary, it was not until the 1960s and 70s that the hospitality industry experienced significant change and growth. The spread of franchising, third-party management contracts, and legislation resulting in the birth of REITs presented a first milestone for asset management and triggered some of the players to redefine their strategies, business models and ownership structures, specializing in core competencies.