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DiGioiaWith 20+ years in the hospitality industry and a lifetime of customer service experience, Steve DiGioia uses storytelling to share real-world tips and tactics to improve your customer service, increase employee morale and provide the experience your customers desire. As a certified trainer, author & speaker, Steve has been recognized as a three-time “World’s Top 30 Customer Service Professional” by Global and a “Top 50 Customer Thought Leader” by ICMI. He is also a featured contributor to the leading hospitality and customer service websites. Steve continues his pursuit of excellence on his award-winning blog sharing his best tips on customer service, management, and leadership. Follow Steve on Twitter @Steve DiGioia.

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Give it Away, Give it Away, Give it Away, Now

Give it away, give it away, give it away, now! No, I'm not talking about the song from the Red Hot Chili Peppers - even though that song is cool. I'm talking about how the butchers and bakers used to run their businesses years ago.

You’ll Never Improve if You’re Married to Your Ideas

Throughout my hospitality career, I've heard countless managers say, "That'll be ok, it will work" or "Let's do it this way, try it. What do you have to lose?". Or my favorite one… "I know what I'm talking about, trust me".

How Businesses Can Put Their Customers at Ease During Covid-19

Great customer service is comprised of many things. Besides policies and procedures which lead to a satisfied customer, your smile, positive words, and open body language are just as important - and many say even more important.

Every Great Leader Has an Experience Book

The actions of leaders should focus on common-sense decisions. A good "business-sense", extensive life experience, having a good judge of character, and the ability to see-through-the-fog towards the intended goal will help most people make the "right" call as needed - when needed.

Where is the Line Between Forgetfulness and Great Service?

Great service is comprised of many parts and each must be present to create the experience every customer desires. Let's briefly discuss each one of my top 8 until we get to "memory". I know you'll agree with me that it should be near the top of your list.
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