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Veronica Waldthausen

Veronica Waldthausen is an Associate with HVS London. She joined HVS in 2012 after completing her Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management at École hôtelière de Lausanne, Switzerland. Since joining HVS, Veronica has conducted hotel valuations and feasibility studies in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Croatia, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, the UK, France, Denmark, Azerbaijan, Ghana, Kenya and Senegal, and has written several market and industry related articles.

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In Focus: Luxembourg City

It is surprising that a European capital is not part of most travel itineraries and can avoid massive groups of hot and sweaty tourists, pushing their way through the ancient inner-city walls. Despite its beauty and charm, Luxembourg City has managed to somehow escape this type ...

HVS 2013 European Hotel Transactions

Total European hotel transaction volume has reached a new peak since the onset of the global binancial crisis, with a volume of EUR7.7 billion in 2013, a 39% increase on the EUR5.6 billion recorded in 2012 (although still well below the EUR15.9 billion, EUR20.3 billion and EUR18.8 ...