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Lynn Grigas

Gay Lynn Grigas, MA Psy. is an accomplished speaker, trainer, and consultant specializing in customer service and stress awareness issues. She is author of several books including “12 Tools To Keep Your Cool and Confidence-Trigger-Proof.” Visit

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Bad Guest Boundaries

Some of the guests Jack served could be seen having delicious frosted drinks by the sparkling pool in their private cabana; they would wave to Jack as he strolled by. Other guests in the mood for nightlife had Jack's cell phone number right at their fingertips with one call ...

Bullying: Tale of Two Hotels

Both hotels had policies in place for balancing a high standard of guest satisfaction while at the same time safeguarding the dignity and interests of all employees when it comes to bullying and harassment within all the ranks of the employees and from guests.Both hotel managements ...

Bullied by a Guest

When her next guest was a bit hostile and snarled at her, she chalked it up to a tough travel day for this weary business man and proceeded with her caring attitude and warm greeting. Her genuine enthusiasm was met with the statement, "Cut the crap, and just get me my room." ...