Alex Cabanas

CEO at Benchmark

CabanasAlex Cabañas is passionate about leading and growing a company that makes a profound difference in the lives of employees, guests, owners, industry partners and the community. His life mission since college has been to create opportunities for others to be successful. As CEO, Alex is focused on strategic planning, people development, pursuing growth and new opportunities, promoting the delivery of memorable customer service and ultimately being the best third-party management company in the industry, acting in the best interest of owners every day. Alex was previously President, Business Development & Finance for Benchmark. During his tenure in business development roles, the company added 22 properties to its management portfolio, expanded into the Caribbean and added to its presence in Tokyo. The company also acquired MTM Luxury Lodging, which led to the launch of Gemstone Hotel Collection. Alex joined Benchmark in January 2006. Prior to joining Benchmark, he worked for The Boston Consulting Group from 2000 through 2005. While with BGC he worked with clients in a number of different industries including: travel and tourism, government, consumer/retail, telecommunications, e-commerce, financial services, and energy. His assignments included a variety of different tasks including: lodging investment proposal, market sizing and segmentation, competitive benchmarking, product development, process management, asset valuation, new business development and growth strategy. Alex earned his MBA at Harvard Business School and holds a BBA and MS in Finance from Texas A&M University. Alex is married to his perfectly-made-for-him wife, Heather and they have two energetic and out-going boys, Matthew and Eli. Alex enjoys his time with family, traveling and exploring together, any outdoor activity and is very involved in his church.
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Ranking Human Capital from “taking them for granted” "the" link to success

Since the pandemic began, at Benchmark Global Hospitality we have repeated a motivational phrase many times – soon it will be our time to heal the world with hospitality. Well, that time is upon us! While we have no choice but to embrace a digital world, the human-centered enterprise of hospitality will always rely on the hands, hearts, minds and souls of human beings.

Alex Cabanas, Benchmark Hospitality's CEO on Politics, Profits and Preparation

Alex Cabañas, is the CEO of BENCHMARK, A Global Hospitality Company, and a man not afraid to face problems head-on. Issue #1 these days is the divisive nature of politics and how it can create workplace friction.

The Bar is So Low - The Realities of Memorable Service | Alex Cabañas | TEDxWilmingtonSalon

In the hospitality industry, the service bar is too low. One thing we can do about it is to serve guests proactively. Manage the little things the guest has no time for. Take care of the bathroom. Have them say “My Pleasure” not “No Problem.

"Chain" versus "Independent" - A View from an Operator of Independent Hotels

In recent years, the topic of "brand versus independent" has become increasingly popular. Every industry conference has a panel titled the same, numerous articles - and blogs - are being written on the topic by every publication, HotelNewsNow recently launched a newsletter dedicated to independent hotels, the inaugural Independent Lodging Congress took place in Philadelphia in late 2013 focused on gathering the owners and operators of independent hotels, and if that were not enough, numerous high profile "de-flagging" lawsuits have certainly highlighted the topic.