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Amir Lababedi is an Associate Director with the Dubai office of HVS International. He originally joined the company in October 2005 after having worked in hotel operations for several years in management positions. Further to his initial employment with HVS, Amir worked as hotel strategy and development manager for a major Abu Dhabi based Sovereign Wealth Fund and subsequently worked in development and corporate finance managerial roles for an Abu Dhabi Government owned mixed use leisure tourism resort project. Amir holds a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Hotel Management from the University of Surrey and an MSc in Global Banking and Finance from the European London Business School. Amir has provided hotel investment advice, conducted valuations and feasibility studies, and negotiated several operator search agreements both as consultant and investor in numerous countries within Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Amir is responsible for business development in Africa for HVS Dubai.

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