Jonathan Boffey

SVP Business Development at Triometric

Jonathan Boffey

Jonathan Boffey has 26 years experience in management, sales and product development within the Computer Software industry. He joined Triometric in 2009 as Business Development Director and focuses his time working with online travel organisations seeking to improve their business insight and drive revenue. Prior to Triometric, Jonathan has worked in the Enterprise Performance Management, CRM Analytics and Systems Management areas at a senior level including two UK board level positions at Veritas Software and European Sales Director at Quadstone. Jonathan Boffey holds a BSc in Computer Science from University of Edinburgh.

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Using Anomaly Detection as a smarter way to spot those inventory issues that leak revenue opportunities

If all the hard work of setting up the booking platform, optimising its performance, and forging distribution contracts with clients is going to pay dividends, then it's vital to have a good supply of products and services (such as room types and locations) to be able to respond with when the hard won search traffic hits the API.

The AI Opportunity in Revenue Management

AI has been around for some time but failed to take off as it was considered too difficult to scale. That is until the emergence of three key events 1) big data 2) cloud technology and business models and 3) advances in machine learning and deep learning, that can resemble how the brain works.

Is Metasearch to blame for Hospitality’s 5-digit Look-to-Book?

The Look-to-Book ratio is a figure used in the travel industry that shows the percentage of the number of requests to your booking engine per reservation made. This ratio is important to online travel vendors for determining the ROI of their investment strategies to secure those all-important conversions.

Mobile Apps on the Rise – But Make Sure You Can Analyse It for Insights

The use of mobile devices to search and book in the online travel space has grown dramatically over the last five years – from around 2-3% to over 25%. Indeed according to e-marketer, online travel is reaching a tipping point in 2016 when, for the first time, more than half of all online bookings for U.

Getting more Pie in the turmoil of Flights, Hotels, Distribution and Mobile

This is the first part of a 2-part article series that discusses the emerging importance at looking at mobile app message streams to understand the search and booking bevaviour of online travel company customers.
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