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Margaret Ady

Vice President, Marketing at TRUSTYOU

Margaret Ady serves as Vice President, Marketing at TrustYou, a big data and online reputation management company specializing in the hospitality industry. She graduated from the University of Southern California with degrees in Economics and Psychology, and where she was awarded the Annenberg Communications Pathway Grant for her research in new technology and its impact on healthcare decision-making. Previously, Margaret served in leadership positions at The Walt Disney Company and The Oprah Winfrey Network and has provided research, branding and consulting services to 20th Television (Fox), Nielsen and many other companies in FMCG/Entertainment/IT industries.

Articles by Margaret Ady (29)

How Hotels Can Stay Competitive in 2016

especially the search engines, where a majority of travelers start their travel planning--they are contributing to making the experience better. Those that do will outpace their competitors.TrustYou Stars is an important tool in the hotel storehouse for 2016 when it comes to ...

What's the True Impact of Bad (Or Great) Services?

Travel reviews are essential to a hotel's prosperity. Reviews can have a cascading effect: positive reviews bring travelers and their positive reviews bring more travelers. Negative reviews, obviously, discourage travelers, and when problems aren't fixed, those travelers who ...

Where the Family Travelers Are

which, remember, is where the family travelers are--has become far more sophisticated than search engine optimization and pay-per-click, the latter of which most hotels have been priced out of.TrustYou has launched TrustYou Stars, offering a reputation-based solution to gain ...