Matthew Goulden

Managing Director, Triometric

Matthew Goulden

Matthew Goulden has 25 years of General Management, Sales & Marketing and Business Development experience in the software & automotive industries. Since 2007 Matthew, as CEO , has been responsible for the strategic vision, overall management and business leadership of Triometric.

Prior to joining Triometric in early 2003, Matthew held senior executive positions in VC backed software firms based in the UK and Europe with responsibility for strategy and growth. Matthew started his management career with the Ford Motor Company (Europe), during which time he held global responsibility for the successful implementation of Ford’s worldwide Internet based dealer network.

Today Matthew works closely with Triometric’s management team and technologists to formulate and drive the strategies that have made Triometric a pioneer and technical leader in the Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics market for enterprise applications and the online travel market. Always with a hands-on approach he has developed key accounts with Fortune 500 customers including Thomson Reuters and Regus and large online travel specialists such as Hotelbeds and GTA.

Matthew holds an MBA from INSEAD business school and a Master of Engineering from Imperial College, London.

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